Q: How does Bestdecaptcha help us?

A: Best decaptcha service has human operators 24/7 to solve your captcha purpose. Even though we charge less our service is stable 24/7 solving captchas in seconds. With our Decaptcher api you will be able to solve any type of captchas devised in various programming languages. Our professional experts will deliver the right captchas with great accuracy as they know languages like c, java, etc used in captchas and are easily able to decode the optically less readable captchas, even the case sensitive ones. We have software's to integrate the Decaptcher captcha solving API so that the clients can use these services with ease. hence, next time, do not get paranoid on being caught by the rampant and the ongoing occurrence of the image typing captchas in your mailers, or other software's consuming lot of your costly time. Just use our valuable services.

Q: Do you charge for incorrectly solved captchas?

A: You pay only for the right captchas in our decaptcher services .Please check our api on how to mark and claim back credit for bad captchas. Incase if we find you claiming even the corrected solved captchas as bad then we hold your account.

Q: Can I use captchas in many threads?

A: Yes you can. The system is parallelized to bypass captchas in seconds.

Q: Do your API support all language?

A: yes we have Basic HTTP which goes with all languages. Implement it with your software and bypass all your captchas. The API like decapcher.dll which are more often human based deciphering system fits in appropriately with the servers of windows 2003 and windows XP and hence the people using these need to get their username, password, port and make it server ready. The implementation of decaptcher is also bot free and supported by skilled professionals having decaptcher bot skills. The decaptcher api c# also works fine and has got good reviews too for being easy to use. All these api support all programming languages.

Q: Can I upload captchas in languages other than English?

A : Sorry. Presently we have workers who can read only English captchas.

Q: How can I buy a captcha package?

A: You have to register with us and then login to order captchas from our website. The registration formalities are quite simple here. You just need to fill a simple form with your email address and get a password and to your surprise there is a captcha code to decode even here for security purposes. You email account will reflect with a confirmation mail once registration is done. You will have a free decaptcher account in place.

Q: Do you support any other payment methods other than avangate?

A: Please mail us to receive more information on this. Be rest assured as we have many payment options other than avangate.

Q: Do you have technical support?

A: Yes we provide technical support to help you integrate our service. And we have instructions provided with our API itself. The technical guidance manuals are handy in the site which will answer even the basic questions as to what is decaptcher

Q: Can I use your service from different IPs?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: We have a generous 15 days refund policy for the unsolved captchas.

Q: Do you charge more as night worker compensation?

A: No you pay a fixed price of 1.33$ per 1k for 24/7 and no night worker compensation.

Q: Do my captcha credit expire if I didnt use for long time?

A: No we don't expire your credits.